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Power Quality & Harmonic Abatement

IPSI not only provides the services necessary to insure that your equipment receives power when needed, but also services to assure that the power you need is high quality.

With modern electronic controls, "reliable" power is not sufficient; you need "power quality" also.

Poor Power Quality can manifest itself in several different ways:

Sags or Swells (surge)
RMS voltage variations. A sag is usually defined as a decrease in the normal voltage supply level of 90% or less than the nominal RMS level. . This is the most common type of power quality issue. A swell/surge is defined as an increase in the normal voltage level of about 110%. Both Sags and swell last less than 3 minutes. Anything below 10% is in reality an "interruption."

Lose of voltage, normally short term event, normally lasting milliseconds or seconds.

Short-term excess voltage, normally measured in microseconds that result in a notched waveform.

Distortion of the normal voltage and current waveform that are integer multiples of the fundamental frequency. Interharmonics are non-integer multiples of the fundamental frequencies.
 voltage without harmonic distortion   voltage with harmonic distortion    

Example of harmonics over a one week period

Power is not available when needed. These are long term events that can be measured in minutes, hours and days. This would include "rolling blackouts" and power outages.

The Results/consequences of power quality.
  • Blown Fuses & breakers
  • Overheated components - wiring, capacitors, motors, etc.
  • Erratic control functions
  • Damaged equipment
  • Telephone line buzz
Causes of Poor Power Quality
  • Non-linear loads, inc adjustable speed drives
  • Solid State controls - can cause damaging harmonic currents and voltages
  • Arc welders, furnaces
  • Power factor correction capacitors
  • Faulty power transformer
  • Poor connections, loose terminations or improper grounding
  • Utility capacitor switching
Solutions to Poor Power Quality
  • 1st Step: A complete power quality analysis by IPSI trained engineers and technicians.
  • 2nd Step: Implement a solution based on the power quality analysis:
  • Typical solutions:
  • Adding capacitors
  • Installing a back up generator set (Standby Generator Info)
  • Adding a ride thru UPS system (Vycon Flywheel System Info)
  • Installing special transformers
  • Installing harmonic trap filters (can be active or passive) (MTE Matrix Filter Info)
  • Using a phase shift transformer
  • Neutral conductor resizing
  • Repairing wiring and connections.
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