Drilling Controllers

AC Generator Control
(Low & Medium Voltage Switchgear) For Drillling Rigs

IPS Engine-Generator Controls are designed to control diesel or gas fueled prime movers, including the electronic fuel injected Caterpillar Series B Engines.
Each controller has adjustable engine stability, speed, and voltage stability, for precision performance of any electronically governed engine-set. The controls are compact. Two controllers for the control of two 250 to 3000 KVA generators at 50 or 60 Hertz, will fit into a 41" wide x 32" deep x 90" tall enclosure. Each enclosure weighs approximately 1200 lbs. Working temperature for the controllers is -200 C to +50C.

SCR Rectifiers (AC to DC Drives)
IPS drives offer three types of SCR rectifier controllers for use with our compact DC distribution sections to meet demands for a powerful, reliable, cost-effective rectifier to convert AC to DC. All three types of controllers are in production to provide our customers with the best design for your application.

IPS products are built to comply with ANSI, IEEE, and NEMA. For marine applications, SCR systems will comply with USCG, ABS, and DNV regulations.

SCR Controllers: Alternate styles for different applications
  • Model 1530 SCR Controller: Relay Logic or Allen / Bradley SLC 500 PLC
  • Type E SCR Controller: Allen / Bradley SLC 500 PLC
  • CompuDrive+ SCR Controller: Digital Control System
  • TYPE E SCR CONTROLLER (For AC to DC Bridge Rectifiers)
IPSI Type E Control module is a solid-state electronic controller using digital PPL technology. It is utilized on land and marine drilling systems, used by the US Navy for propulsion systems, and is used to drive precision industrial processes. It has proven to be cost effective and reliable under rugged conditions around the world for over ten years. This controller can operate as a stand-alone unit or can be integrated into a multiple bay system using its built-in load sharing configuration or can support an outside control system. The powerful combination of the Type E and SLC 500 PLC allows engineers to use this SCR system for any application driving a DC motor

Type E Controller Diagnostic Meter: This meter is mounted on the front panel. The meter is scaled. The selector switch has 12 selections to view the signals.

Position Meter Display
1 Local / Remote Throttle Signal 0-10 VDC
2 DC Output Volts 1 V = 100 VDC
3 DC Output Current 1 V = 500 Amps
4 Current Limit Setting, 0-4 VDC 1 V = 500 Amps
Firing Reference Voltage
+10.6 Volts = Not enabled
5 +9.88 Volts = Enabled
+9.88 to 0 Volts as throttle is increased
6 Throttle Error Signal .5 to +7.5 VDC
7 +15 VDC Electronic Power Supply
8 -15 VDC Electronic Power Supply
9 Firing Delay Angle (view with o-scope)
10 A+ Firing Pulse (view with o-scope)
11 B+ Firing Pulse (view with o-scope)
12 C+ Firing Pulse (view with o-scope)